Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Wake up call

Hi Blogosphere...yes I have been missing again but I think you will forgive me this time. On Sunday 9 June my DH had a major heart attack and it is only thanks to the Ambos that he is still with us. A bit of a wake up call for both of us. He will now have to join me in doing some form of exercise (walking mainly and perhaps some stat bike when he has the all clear).

He is not coping very well with having to rest. He is not allowed in the garden and can't drive until Sunday and gets quite agro with me when I try to stop him doing stuff. So I am going to butt out and hopefully he will not try anything much for the rest of the week. After that he can start introducing more energetic stuff and can at least drive.

Anyway back to my stuff. Prior to the heart attack, I had a bit of a melt down with most of the stuff (bread mainly) I cook not working out for me. I have therefore modified my approach and with some help from my holistic doctor (a herbal remedy to help with my gut issues) and I think my muffin top is not as big as it was. Of course it could be a couple of meals I skipped while Roger was in hospital. Once upon a time I could not have done that.

So I have introduced a couple of gluten free store bought items and plan to write myself a small structured exercise weekly program (which can be altered for inclement weather). I managed a workout at the gym on Monday and plan to go twice a week to do weights. Also plan to do some long walks but they may not be first thing in the morning (too cold and dark in winter). So watch this space.

I know it is half way through the month but I WILL take my measurements and hopefully a couple of cms will go missing by the end of June

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