Friday, January 18, 2013

Sorry, sorry, sorry

A huge apology to my tummy. Over the past couple of days I haven't eaten as well as I should have and ended up in bed at 5:30pm last night with a very gripey pain and no dinner. It would appear I cannot reintroduce all foods, at least not as many as I tried to, so quickly. I am not actually sure what set it off but I haven't been feeling 100 per cent for a couple of days and I think the BLT on foccaccia up in Brissie (Wednesday lunch) might have been the final straw and after that I don't think it mattered what I had, tummy was in revolt. Today I have had my normal breakky (nutty granola with coconut yoghurt) and not a lot of it, a cup of green tea and a water with lemon juice. So far so good. Roger is making me some ginger tea as we speak and I promise I will stay on the straight and narrow from now until we take off so it can settle down again. Off for a coffee date this morning but I think I will have tea. Lunch will be a salad and dinner will be what I should have had last night, Atlantic Salmon.

I am still having Physio on my neck and haven't been doing much in the exercise department, only short gentle walks. Hopefully after my last appointment on Monday (no time for anymore before we go) I will be able to move around a bit more. Fingers crossed.

Anyway, I have actually started to pack. Both cases are on the bed now and have the shoes in them :)

Monday, January 14, 2013

Busy, busy

Hi there... didn't get here on Saturday or yesterday - had a busy weekend. I have managed to cross a few things off my list. I did finish the Cairns slideshow and am two thirds of the way through the Asian cruise slide show. May get to finish that before we go. I'm still going to Physio but it is definitely getting better. I've introduced a few of the foods I haven't been eating so my tummy can get used to them as I don't intend to try and eat the way I have been here at home while I am away. However, I will watch the milk intake and steer clear of as much sugar as possibe but a few grains might sneak in. So far so good - just a couple of niggles mainly the milk. Anyway, I may not get back here until after we return but plan to post a couple of photos on FB if I can get some free Wifi somewhere. Apparently the internet is very expensive on board. Above is a pic of the Pride of America where we will spend one week out of two. Catch you later.

Saturday, January 5, 2013

Appointments, Avon and other Activities

Oh my, every day this coming week I have an appointment of some description. After a visit to a physio last Thursday we have discovered I have a Whiplash injury which is going to take several weeks and multiple appointments to fix. The injury happened before Christmas but I didn't link the two until just recently. Roger was driving and pulled up suddenly but I was actually leaning forward trying to grab something near the floor. I didn't think much of it at the time but a couple of days later woke up with a very stiff neck. Thought it was because I slept funny (as you do) and thought it would get better on its own. Three weeks later I still had problems turning my neck and decided to go to a Physio.

I also decided I would pay a visit to the dentist (a bit before my annual check up was due) just to make sure all was OK before cruising. Well, he found a little cavity that needs to be filled so that is happening next week also. On the plus side our new health fund pays for one clean and check up per person per year. Therefore my $200 bill didn't cost me a cent. Woo hoo.

The third appointment is with my unholistic doctor (only been to her once for my shots before last OS trip) for a skin cancer check and a request for a sleeping tablet to hopefully help me sleep on the plane as it is an overnight trip.

In between all these appointments I have two Avon campaign orders to deliver and a heap of other activities including putting the finishing touches to the slide show of our Cairns trip (2011) and hopefully making a start of inroads into the Asian Cruise slide show (2012). Not to mention, getting some US dollars and an OS debit card etc, etc. Hopefully I can report back here next Saturday with less left on my list. See you then.

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Happy New Year

Well another year done and dusted. Just seems like yesterday that 2012 started. We didn't actually see this one in for the first time in at least ten years. The friends we normally spend it with (in Adelaide) weren't too happy about it but we just decided we wanted to be back here on the Coast earlier this year. It takes me several days to get over a late night now and I just felt that while I am trying to heal myself a late night was not the way to go.

I have just posted on the TSC FB group my goals for the year so I'll record them here also.

1. Go down a couple of dress sizes (at least two)

2. Keep walking

3. Try to avoid the foods that my gut doesn't like (sugar, wheat, milk)

4. Drink more water

5. Learn more about Ayurvedic stuff

These are complementary to the monthly ones above - I probably should add the extra ones but don't want to clog up the page too much. I probably won't get too far with number 5 as I will be a little busy over the next three weeks in preparation for our trip to Hawaii. Catch you again soon