Friday, April 26, 2013

Better get a wriggle on

Today would have been Mum's birthday and this was one of her favourite expressions. She had quite a few passed down from her very English mother and grandmother. Anyway I have just realised I have quite a few kms to go to reach my goal of 50kms and not a lot of days left to do it in - so I'd better get a wriggle on. Tomorrow we are leaving early to do a Wine and Cheese trip up to Mt Tamborine so won't be walking at all. I will have to schedule two reasonable walks on Sunday and Tuesday and should just scrape it in. One achilles is starting to give me curry. I think I will have to resume my ankle exercises and see if that helps. I did read somewhere a week or so ago that those of us with Hashimotos can have problems with Achilles - GRRRR. Hopefully, one day when I get it totally under control or it goes away (and it can I believe) I will be able to increase my walks. In the meantime I am going to look into the Primal/Paleo Crossfit regime and see if I can work that into my off walking days. Anyway I will be back at the end of the month to report on all the goals and set new ones for May. Catch you then.

Monday, April 8, 2013

Hills are harder !

Hi Blog....sorry I have been missing for a while as I was ticked off with Runkeeper. The PC version had a bit of a hiccup and wasn't showing the correct map of my walk for me to screen print to here. However it has sorted itself out now and today's walk is shown above. I took considerably longer to walk a shorter distance than the walk I did on 2 April on the flat. (See below for that walk). I think I will alternate my longer walks and try and increase the speed and length in each spot. Achilles are just squeaking a little today so won't walk at all tomorrow and may pop down to the gym instead to do some weights. After a seminar on making Sourdough and Brie on Sunday watch this space for my first attempt at both. The cheese may be a while as I need to source some utensils and products before I can commence. Only need some decent flour to attempt the Sourdough (I may use Spelt flour from Flannerys.