Monday, December 17, 2012

Gone mad in the kitchen

Hi folks....Just letting you know I have gone a bit crazy in the kitchen lately and therefore can tick off one of my December goals. We are having a Mushroom Gravy Slow Cooked (Rump) Roast for dinner tonight although it is not Rump but another cut of beef. Fingers crossed it will be OK. I also made a no sugar version of White Christmas yesterday and a Banana Bread (which needs some tweaking.

I have now found a Gluten Free recipe for English Muffins (two actually) and may have a go at these after we return from Adelaide. I will probably play with this one a bit too as a couple of the flours are on my list of do not eat (ie grains or starch). Need to do some investigation on which ones are actually a NO NO. Having said that they are fairly small quantities and probably wouldn't worry me too much. Watch this space.

I did get the measuring tape out but apart from 1/2 cm from my neck there has been no change. However I am not measuring the bulge above my waist and I am sure it is not as large as it was and is definitely softer (breaking up perhaps). Not going to worry too much until after the silly season has gone but will try not to go overboard anyway as I know I will suffer if I do. Probably won't get back here until the New Year so Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to anyone that is reading.

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Information Overload

Hi Blog....Just a quick one. First up my Ticker won't update and should read 20kms so I'm halfway there. Secondly this is to say I might be a bit scarce on here for a while as I am (my own fault) totally inundated with information about different foods I should be eliminating to help my health issues. I find something on a site which leads to another site (and usually more recipes) and more DO NOT EAT. So I am officially throwing my hands in the air and saying ENOUGH is ENOUGH. The silly season is here, where for the next couple of weeks, I will be eating out and will have no control over what is actually in the food and therefore, of course, some of the DO NOT EAT will be consumed. Last night was the first, today lunch we are out again but that is Roast Turkey so apart from the gravy and white potato should be OK. I have numerous coffee dates between now and Adelaide take off but of course I could just drink black tea :(

Anyway rant over just letting you know I am not going to stress over this just do the best I can and hope I don't suffer too much. May catch you again before Christmas but no promises.

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

December and the Season to be Jolly

Hi Blog....I really can't believe it is December and this time next month we will be gearing up to go on our cruise to Hawaii having returned from Adelaide for our regular Christmas visit. However this year we have decided not to stay for New Year.

I have outlined some new goals for the month and really would like to fit into my swimsuit a lot better than I do now so hence the goal about losing some cms. I actually think I have lost some recently anyway as I am sure the tummy bulge is lower and not as pronounced. So watch this space. It is VERY hot here today and we were supposed to have a game of mini golf with some friends but they cancelled. It is all out in the open (no shade)so probably a good idea.

I have also found a recipe for a Turkey meatloaf in an Adelaide Newspaper and would like to have a go at making it. Need to get some turkey first though and mince it in our "scooby doo" food processor. Our meals seem to have settled into too much routine so I want to shake them up a little and introduce some new stuff - hence the recipe goal also. So hopefully I will achieve all of my goals come New Years Day. Watch this space.

Sunday, December 2, 2012

Recap on month of November

Well, here it is December. Where did that month/year go? We did achieve one goal, the Coconut Water Kefir did finally get made (see an earlier post). It doesn't taste all that great actually - is quite bitter and those who like beer would probably like it but I need to add Cranberry juice to it to make it drinkable. I won't be doing it again any time soon. I may use the last sachet of Kefir grains to make a yoghurt of some description. Watch this space. I didn't make my other walking goal but that is OK as Mr Achilles was starting to niggle so I cut back and being in Adelaide has curtailed my treadmill walking as I didn't make it to a gym. Have been walking a couple of kms to and from the hospital each day though so all good. Overall though my eating habits have improved and even tho scales don't seem to be moving I am sure they will eventually. Watch this space for some new goals for December. Sorry no pic as I am not too sure how to do that on this tablet. I hope to get back here soon. Bye for now.