Friday, August 30, 2013

It's back

Hi Blog...I've been missing again but have been interstate (two states actually) and that's my excuse. My rash is back apparently (according to GP) due to the fact that I didn't take my supps with me when I was away. And that was because the containers were too big, however I could have measured out what I wanted and put it in smaller containers, couldn't I - but I didn't. Anyway I am back on them now and it is abating again thankfully.

This morning I decided to get up (before the sun even) and head off to the gym. So off I tootled only to find there was no-one there at all. Could see it was all in darkness before I even parked the car. I had checked the opening time on my computer before taking off to make sure it was open at 5:30am and website said it was. Then the penny dropped - today is a holiday here on the Coast (Gold Coast Show Day) so more than likely the gym wouldn't open until 8am (Sunday's normal opening time - if at all). Anyway, I gave up on that idea and decided to head back for a coffee from my favourite coffee shop. It wasn't open either. They were doing Sunday trading hours also and opened at 7am instead of 6am. GRRRRR. So I headed back home and sat on the stat bike for a while and then went back to get my coffee. So much for my good intentions. I plan to head back to the gym tomorrow morning and to do a reasonable walk on Sunday, even though I have a blister on my foot from too much walking in Melbourne.

Another month starts on Sunday and this time I am going to take my measurements at the end of September. I know I would not get good results for this month - so I am not even going to go there. I still have issues with an unhappy gut and won't lose any weight or inches until it is sorted according to GP. Hopefully we will get there soon but not if I stop taking Supps for stoopid reasons.

Hope to be here more often come September. Watch this space.

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