Sunday, August 18, 2013

Lotions and Potions

Well, I have been missing again but at least the rash on my face is gone. It was related to a product I used and after trying many lotions and potions (some actually even made it worse) it has now abated from my face. It still remains just under my chin and I still have my normal winter eczema on my neck and shoulders. One of the feeds into my FB page listed 50 different uses for lemons and one of them was for insect bites and skin rashes. So I tried some lemon juice in water on my neck and boy does it cool it down and even takes quite a bit of the redness out also.

After seeing myself in a couple of recent photos I have come to the conclusion that I need to get serious with some sort of program that is going to work for me. However, I am heading down south where I won’t be very in control of what I am eating. I have at least made my “Coconutty Granola” and will take that with me for some breakfasts (or maybe even a lunch) which should help a little. So when I get back I am going to track my calories just for a couple of weeks to make sure I am on the right path and tweek my part Paleo, Low Carb, Med Fat, no cow’s milk, low sugar and gluten eating regime until I start losing some inches/cms and get back on track with some daily exercise even if it is just the walk down to the local shops for my coffee fix (which I am also going to try and convert to a cup of black tea).

Anyway since starting this post (as a draft last week) I did a longer walk this morning and plan to keep increasing it until I can get somewhere near my goal of 5kms every second day with a couple of gym days in between. Watch this space.

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