Thursday, February 14, 2013

Home again but sick

Here I am again. Back from beautiful Hawaii but with a very unhappy tum. I could feel a cold/flu coming on and took some medication to try and keep it away and it was all downhill from there. Yesterday was the first day I felt almost normal and had a Zarrafas coffee which went down OK. However I had one this morning and not so good so back to the ginger or green tea. Only one good side effect - I actually weigh less now than before the holiday and don't plan to put it back on. Going to ask my holistic doctor for some sort of eating plan when I go on Saturday.

I went for my first decent walk this morning - about 2kms but I struggled with the hill up to the coffee shop. Will try and extend it each day until I can do 5kms comfortably and then perhaps add some jogging.

Anyway that's it from me. I'll report back after doctor on Saturday.

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