Friday, January 18, 2013

Sorry, sorry, sorry

A huge apology to my tummy. Over the past couple of days I haven't eaten as well as I should have and ended up in bed at 5:30pm last night with a very gripey pain and no dinner. It would appear I cannot reintroduce all foods, at least not as many as I tried to, so quickly. I am not actually sure what set it off but I haven't been feeling 100 per cent for a couple of days and I think the BLT on foccaccia up in Brissie (Wednesday lunch) might have been the final straw and after that I don't think it mattered what I had, tummy was in revolt. Today I have had my normal breakky (nutty granola with coconut yoghurt) and not a lot of it, a cup of green tea and a water with lemon juice. So far so good. Roger is making me some ginger tea as we speak and I promise I will stay on the straight and narrow from now until we take off so it can settle down again. Off for a coffee date this morning but I think I will have tea. Lunch will be a salad and dinner will be what I should have had last night, Atlantic Salmon.

I am still having Physio on my neck and haven't been doing much in the exercise department, only short gentle walks. Hopefully after my last appointment on Monday (no time for anymore before we go) I will be able to move around a bit more. Fingers crossed.

Anyway, I have actually started to pack. Both cases are on the bed now and have the shoes in them :)

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