Tuesday, December 4, 2012

December and the Season to be Jolly

Hi Blog....I really can't believe it is December and this time next month we will be gearing up to go on our cruise to Hawaii having returned from Adelaide for our regular Christmas visit. However this year we have decided not to stay for New Year.

I have outlined some new goals for the month and really would like to fit into my swimsuit a lot better than I do now so hence the goal about losing some cms. I actually think I have lost some recently anyway as I am sure the tummy bulge is lower and not as pronounced. So watch this space. It is VERY hot here today and we were supposed to have a game of mini golf with some friends but they cancelled. It is all out in the open (no shade)so probably a good idea.

I have also found a recipe for a Turkey meatloaf in an Adelaide Newspaper and would like to have a go at making it. Need to get some turkey first though and mince it in our "scooby doo" food processor. Our meals seem to have settled into too much routine so I want to shake them up a little and introduce some new stuff - hence the recipe goal also. So hopefully I will achieve all of my goals come New Years Day. Watch this space.

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