Sunday, December 2, 2012

Recap on month of November

Well, here it is December. Where did that month/year go? We did achieve one goal, the Coconut Water Kefir did finally get made (see an earlier post). It doesn't taste all that great actually - is quite bitter and those who like beer would probably like it but I need to add Cranberry juice to it to make it drinkable. I won't be doing it again any time soon. I may use the last sachet of Kefir grains to make a yoghurt of some description. Watch this space. I didn't make my other walking goal but that is OK as Mr Achilles was starting to niggle so I cut back and being in Adelaide has curtailed my treadmill walking as I didn't make it to a gym. Have been walking a couple of kms to and from the hospital each day though so all good. Overall though my eating habits have improved and even tho scales don't seem to be moving I am sure they will eventually. Watch this space for some new goals for December. Sorry no pic as I am not too sure how to do that on this tablet. I hope to get back here soon. Bye for now.

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