Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Information Overload

Hi Blog....Just a quick one. First up my Ticker won't update and should read 20kms so I'm halfway there. Secondly this is to say I might be a bit scarce on here for a while as I am (my own fault) totally inundated with information about different foods I should be eliminating to help my health issues. I find something on a site which leads to another site (and usually more recipes) and more DO NOT EAT. So I am officially throwing my hands in the air and saying ENOUGH is ENOUGH. The silly season is here, where for the next couple of weeks, I will be eating out and will have no control over what is actually in the food and therefore, of course, some of the DO NOT EAT will be consumed. Last night was the first, today lunch we are out again but that is Roast Turkey so apart from the gravy and white potato should be OK. I have numerous coffee dates between now and Adelaide take off but of course I could just drink black tea :(

Anyway rant over just letting you know I am not going to stress over this just do the best I can and hope I don't suffer too much. May catch you again before Christmas but no promises.

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