Monday, January 14, 2013

Busy, busy

Hi there... didn't get here on Saturday or yesterday - had a busy weekend. I have managed to cross a few things off my list. I did finish the Cairns slideshow and am two thirds of the way through the Asian cruise slide show. May get to finish that before we go. I'm still going to Physio but it is definitely getting better. I've introduced a few of the foods I haven't been eating so my tummy can get used to them as I don't intend to try and eat the way I have been here at home while I am away. However, I will watch the milk intake and steer clear of as much sugar as possibe but a few grains might sneak in. So far so good - just a couple of niggles mainly the milk. Anyway, I may not get back here until after we return but plan to post a couple of photos on FB if I can get some free Wifi somewhere. Apparently the internet is very expensive on board. Above is a pic of the Pride of America where we will spend one week out of two. Catch you later.

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