Thursday, November 15, 2012

Good News

Hi Blog.....some good news from my GP. My last blood test showed improvement in liver function but I am still slightly acidic. Which doesn't mean I have to avoid acidic foods as she has discovered a new supp which means I can, within reason, return to somewhat normal eating as this supp keeps the bad bacteria at bay. Still need to go easy on the cow's milk, sugar and starchy stuff and for the first week no meat in the evenings, can have a small portion for lunch though. Apparently our bodies detox themselves overnight and the meat protein slows the whole process down. We'll see how that goes. Have a few eat out meals coming up so probably won't do too well at all.

Anyway she still wants me to make the Kefir yoghurt from the liquid inside the coconut. So I'd better put that back on my goal list. Need to find a proper jar for it first. Actually I think Flannerys had some coconut oil for sale in large glass jars so I might just go and get those. Cos I'll definitely use the coconut oil and the bonus is the glass jar.

I mentioned to her that I didn't appear to be losing any weight and she nodded and said until my system has changed from acidic to alkili I won't burn any fat. But has given me a couple of supps help that along anyway. So we'll see how they go. This is the last time I am going to try any supps as they are too expensive, I forget to take them and half of them upset me anyway. So fingers crossed we get it all sorted this time. I've actually put a reminder in my new calendar which syncs with my phone so I will get a message twice a day reminding me to take them.

I haven't returned to running yet and probably won't till I shift a couple of kgs. I went for a 3.5km walk this morning and will try for a 4km on the weekend with a visit to the gym in between. Think I've waffled long enough - see ya next time.

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