Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Walk Don't Run

Hi Blog...I've been missing again. Life really does get in the way sometimes and I haven't had much to say anyway. We went on a boat cruise to Straddie on Sunday, I have a class at U3A on Monday morning, I had one this arvo (Philosophy) where I had to do a talk entitled "Schopenhauer on Happiness". That's him as a youth over there on the left. I think it went off OK, now I have to do a summary to hand out to all those who didn't attend (ie those who would rather get dressed up and go to lunch for Melbourne Cup). I am back there again tomorrow in the office (my monthly duty) and Thursday we are going to an introduction session of table tennis and Friday I won't be going there at all.

Anyway I have stopped running for the time being, although having said that I might have a go tomorrow morning at the gym on the treadmill. The track I have been using is now very hard as we have not had any rain for quite some time so I am still out there but just walking. I'm sure I am better off as I don't get as hungry and therefore not inclined to "go off the rails" in the food department. Anyway time will tell.

I'm off to my holistic doctor next week and will be having some serious discussions about FOOD and what I can and can't eat.

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