Friday, November 9, 2012

Tennis anyone?

Hi Blog...Sorry I've been busy again. Have been to U3A every day this week except today. Yesterday, we (hubby also) went to have a social game of table tennis. I have not played since I was a teenager and I wasn't much good at it then. Don't know why I thought the 45+ years in between would make be better at it. Anyway we had a bit of fun. There are some serious players there (including my husband) and I might let him go on his own and have some "away from me/out of the house" time.

I also changed my exercise regime this morning and took off the shoes and strolled along the beach in bare feet. Shhhh don't tell my Dad, he is frightened I will tread on a needle or something. My physio recommended this quite some months ago to help Mr and Mrs Achilles but it was too cold to do so through the winter months but not so cold now. I'll try and do this at least once a week. I haven't run at all this week but did do some serious fast walking intervals on the treadmill yesterday and I'll whiz off to the gym tomorrow morning and do some weights.

I still haven't got the tape measure out but I am sure the bulge between the "girls" and the belly button is not as pronounced. However I wasn't actually measuring this spot. Watch this space, I promise to do some measurements before I blog again.

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