Thursday, November 29, 2012

Off to Adelaide

Just a quick one as I need to pack the last minute stuff before I take off for Adelaide. Looks like I will only meet one of my goals for this month and even that was not really successful. I DID make the Kefir Coconut Water but it doesn't taste all that great. However you can add something to make it more palatable and I have some Cranberry Juice which I will add to it. I have forgotten to have some most days but will go and have some right now. It does not keep indefinitely so I will have to make an extreme effort when I get back (Monday) to finish it. Have missed a couple of walks this week but Mr Achilles was starting to niggle so I pulled back. There was nothing to stop me getting on stat bike tho' but hasn't happened. Anyway lots of walking will be happening down in Adelaide and there is a Goodlife gym near my hotel where I can go casually - so just might do that in the mornings. Watch this space - will have plenty of time to update each evening but probably won't be able to manage inserting a photo.

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