Saturday, March 9, 2013

3 days down and 11 to go

Well, I am three days into this elimination process and feeling a little better today. The last two days I have felt a lot of muscle aches and pains. Some would be a little DOMS from a gym workout and some also from a very hilly walk I did yesterday but for the most part it is the result of the body detoxing itself. I jumped on the scales (first time for at least a month) and there are a couple of kgs gone, however I am not getting too excited about that as I WILL NOT be continuing on this eating pattern after the two weeks is up. I know I can't put the gluten or the cow's milk back in (probably not for a long time to come) but I WILL be having the coffee/chocolate, hopefully eggs and maybe even products made with goats milk. I am finding all things food related very difficult and quite often there are two different meals being prepared as hubby is not following my program. However he did make a "yummy" vegie soup last night which would normally have been made with yellow dried peas and a bacon hock but it was made with green peas and a lamb shank instead. Anyway watch this space for more progress - it is going to be a long ELEVEN days.

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