Monday, March 4, 2013

Coffee - you can't be serious

OMG - no coffee for two weeks - can I or can't I ????? I have done it before so I guess I can do it again but I am going to wean myself off it over the next two days. I'm actually having one as we speak but it will be my last for the day. Also can't have any dairy, eggs, gluten, soy or corn but I don't normally have the last three anyway. Will be fun - NOT. I have just baked my crunchy granola to cover breakfasts now the eggs are out and will look at some other options too. The coffee, some dairy (not cows milk) and eggs are to be gradually reintroduced to see what reaction I get from each one. Initially she (Naturopath) said I could have one coffee per day 'cos I announced before we started our discussion that I wasn't prepared to give up the coffee. She also gave me a list of websites to help out with recipes (a couple of them I already have on my Blogroll). Anyway I have looked at quite a few and am totally over it at the moment so am going to take a break and do something different for the rest of the day. Some of the recipes do contain eggs so I won't be able to use them for the next couple of weeks anyway. Watch this space for an update. PS I plan to get to the gym tomorrow morning do some (light) weights. Catch you next time.

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