Saturday, March 16, 2013

Yay - 4kms today

I managed to walk 4kms today and it was quite hilly also. Will gradually increase the distance and the speed so watch this space. Both achilles are OK so far but will probably do a shorter walk tomorrow (have to deliver some brochures anyway and that slows me down) and another longer one on Monday.

Also took a pic of my little chocolates made using one of my new Aldi moulds. The other mould is small bunny rabbits which I will make closer to Easter. These have some cashew nuts in them and are yummy.

Feeling a lot better now I have ditched the restrictive diet and am going to be doing some cooking this weekend. I have found a yummy creamy chicken soup recipe, or at least I found it yesterday - hopefully I can find it again.

Anyway enough from me - catch you later.

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