Friday, March 15, 2013

Totally Over it

Elimination diet is out the window. Way too hard when I don't have a supportive partner. I know what my system does and does not like. I also realised I have another eat out meal on Monday so I pulled the plug and had my first coffee this morning and made some small choccies with coconut oil yesterday. Won't go berserk but will have things with egg in them - that was the hardest. Just about every recipe I looked at up had eggs in them and I am pretty sure they are OK with my tummy but I won't have a lot until the three days are up with the coffee. I guess it was a good detox and could probably do it every now and then for a week but not two. So my plan now is to eat as healthily and clean as possible, a little paleo, primal, low carb, medium fat, minimal sugar, no gluten, soy or cows milk and keep my system as alkaline as possible and see how we go. I'll also continue with the water + lemon juice first thing in the morning but I'm ditching the Apple Cider Vinegar. I nearly gag on it when I drink it. So precious I know but I can't help it.

On a totally different subject I had coffee today with a lady (who is a little bit younger than myself) who has just recently climbed Mt Kosciuszko. Apparently it is not as hard as it sounds as you can get the chairlift to Thredbo and the walk then is on a metal walkway - there and back a total of 13 kms. There were some quite considerably older than her doing it so I'm putting this on my bucket list and plan to increase the lengths of my walks until I can do 13kms effortlessly. Then I'll be looking for some friends to accompany me - any takers???

Well, that's it from me. The sun has finally come out and I am feeling much more cheerful. That stoopid elimination diet nearly had me heading towards the big D and I refuse to go there.

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