Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Getting there slowly

I managed a 4.75km walk today down at Main Beach - yay. It is a lot easier walking down there as it is much flatter than the area here near my house. I managed a faster speed as well and so far Mr and Mrs Achilles are behaving themselves. It is a shame about the beach though it is a mess. It is very difficult to get down to walk on the sand as there has been about 5 to 6 metres washed away and formed sheer cliffs. Looks like I will reach my goal of 40kms for the month as there are a couple of days to go and I only have less than 2kms to get there. Also reached the recipe goal - probably went way past it as there have been quite a few new recipes made in the last couple of weeks and I have quite a few more to try out. I'm yet to make my chicken soup as Roger made another one of his lamb shank vegetable soups and there is still some left. Not too sure about the losing 5 cms goal as I haven't measured myself yet. However I think the bulge beneath my waist isn't quite as pronounced as it was. I will get the tape measure out on 1 April and perhaps take a few more spots and record them to make it easier. Nothing much more to report so I'll catch you next time.

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