Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Back to the Track

Hi Blog...well this morning I finally got back to the track for Week 4 Day 1 of C25K. I have done it before but thought I would not move forward until I can do Week 4 without much effort. Surprisingly, although I didn't push myself, I did do it better than previously and what is more miraculous the GPS in my dumbphone (opposite of smartphone) actually found me. The secret is to get the program up on my phone before I even leave the kitchen so it gives the dumbphone time to find me before I actually get to the track. Well that is what I did this morning and it worked.

I've made a start at getting back to my restrictive diet (although I did have a cappucino this arvo with REAL milk) - so far so good. I was going to make a no sugar cheesecake slice but hubby has the breadmaker plugged in where I wanted to plug the Food processor so I am going to wait until tomorrow now.

I think I have a new TV addiction. I have been very naughty and downloading movies and tv shows from the internet (for free). We are actually looking at the new Downton Abbey Series 3 that is showing in the UK but hasn't started here yet and prior to taking off for Woodgate I downloaded the first series of Grey's Anatomy. I never watched it when it started here but have just watched the first episode and it will probably become my daily afternoon R&R if I can manage to squeeze it in before Roger gets to the lounge around 4pm. Fingers crossed.


I am going off now to try and change my doctor's appointment. Falls on a day when I go to U3A and I also want to try and bring it forward. I am a tad confused with all the stuff I am reading and think I will ask my doctor to refer me to the Naturapath in the same clinic to see if she can help me with what I should and should not be eating to fix my gut problems. The more I read the more confused I get. I guess in the long run it is a bit of trial and error - if it doesn't upset me it is fine. If it does, DON'T eat it - right?

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