Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Kefir Yoghurt didn't work

Hi Blog....Just reporting in that the Kefir Yoghurt didn't work with Coconut Milk. I think I have figured out why. The coconut milk I used is actually cultured (ie already fermented) and therefore it has curdled but not made a yoghurt. I tastes OK (if you shake it first) so I will put it on my breakky as it is too expensive to waste. I will have another go when I get back from Woodgate and use Raw Milk or as close as I can get to it.

The muffins also were not a success. I used coconut flour and baking soda instead of SR flour but I think there was too much of it. I'm sure I read somewhere you don't need as much coconut flour as it is quite dense. I will have another go and cut the amount of coconut flour. Once again after I return from Woodgate. They are still edible though. I have frozen them and once thawed you just need to add some cream or yoghurt or even milk.

I had a serious weight session with my PT this morning and I suspect I will hardly be able to walk on Thursday thanks to the Leg Press

I plan to do Week 4 of the C25K program again as I don't feel I am ready to move on. It was split into two - some before Adelaide and some after and one session the GPS didn't work so I will have another go - starting tomorrow.

Well, that's about it from me - see you soon

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