Sunday, October 21, 2012

Woodgate - next move?

Hi Blog....I've been missing again - just enjoying the holiday at Woodgate. Eating has been a bit off the map but not going to stress about it. Tummy initially objected but has settled now. However I don't want to continue to abuse it. So will get back to it tomorrow when we arrive home. I have managed a 2-3km walk every day bar one so that is OK. Will probably have to reset my walk/run goal as I think I will go past it once again.

I have been busy on the laptop finding more websites with recipes that suit my eating limitations. Thankfully there are numerous people in the same boat that experiment and convert recipes to save me having to try to do it.

The pic is a photo of a house we went through today but we are not ready to move yet. However Woodgate is certainly on the list of spots to consider when we are ready for full retirement.

That's it for now - more when I get back.

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