Sunday, October 7, 2012

Back into it

Hi there - I am back from Adelaide and have been busy getting all my food stuff organised. I made my Coconutty Granola, some dark chocolate and after a trip to Mrs Flannery's for some Coconut Milk have made the Kefir Yoghurt - one of my goals for October . I also purchased a loaf of Spelt / Sourdough bread which I have just discovered does contain Gluten. However, as I am not a Coeliac nor am I totally gluten intolerant - I will eat it sparingly. The loaf has been frozen in small packages each containing two slices.

I also plan to make some Sugar Free Berry Muffins (with Coconut Flour) later on this arvo.

I went for a 2.5km walk this morning and am making some inroads towards my walk/run goal for October.

Not sure if I should make my long term goal to end up looking like the bikini girl on the left of the pic above - probably never going to happen - but maybe the one in the middle. What do you think ?

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