Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Walking by the Beach at Woodgate

Hi Blog. Have managed a 2.25km walk for the past two mornings along the foreshore. Went south yesterday and north today. Might set the program to do a 40 minute walk tomorrow and I may have company. We have some friends (from Hervey Bay) coming to stay in our cabin arriving very shortly. So I may be missing from here for a couple of days. The weather is absolutely perfect, however Roger hasn't managed to catch a keepable fish yet. Lots of little whiting apparently. Anyway my eating plan is out the window with some bread, mud cake and even an ice cream last night as Anniversary Treat. Not going to stress about it - will just get back to it when I am in control of the food preparation - next Monday afternoon. Bye for now - catch you in a day or two.

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